Request for Product Proposal

Request for Product Proposal

Our Approach to Purchasing

Sine our establishing in 1972, we have been providing a wide range of products to customers not only in Japan but also throughout Asia, including Chian and Thailand, by utilizing our sales network as a general trading company for electronic components that we have cultivated over the years.
Currently, we are also developing new sales networks using the mail-order website "Amazon" and the "BtoB" sales promotion support service Ipros.
We look forward to continuing our long-lasting and prosperous relationship with companies that wish to utilize our sales network and develop new sales channels.

Procurement Policy

For companies wishing to do business with us, we will make a selection based on a fair evaluation.
We will strive to build relationships of trust with our business partners and maintain sound business relationships.

Contact Us

Attn. Kijima, Purchasing Manager,
Intercompo, Inc.
ICI Building, 1-6-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 JAPAN
TEL: 03-3406-1696 (main number)