Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

We recognize that global environmental conservation is one of the most important issues for humankind in the 21st century as the philosophy of our environmental vision, and positively contribute to our social obligation to protect the global environment and the dreams of future generations in a sustainable society.
In addition, as a part of our environmental activities, we set up a branch office of engineering department in Shenzhen, China, to carry out regular audits to our business partners in order to stabilize the product qualities, and confirm the management data of hazardous chemical substances for our best supply chain to our customers.

Environmental Vision

Intercompo Inc. is deeply aware that a company is a member of society, based on our corporate vision of "a company that contributes to a globalized society," and is committed to fair and transparent corporate behavior, and through the harmony with the environment and proactive social contributions, we will strive to realize a truly prosperous society as internationally-minded person.

Environmental Management Policy

  • 1. Based on the recognition that global environmental problems are now an important common issue to all humankind, we will make company-wide efforts to harmonize with the environment as one of the top management priorities.
  • 2. We will comply with the control of environmentally hazardous substances contained in products, accurately be aware of market needs, strive to contribute to society by handling advanced and reliable technologies and products that meet these needs, and review them further as necessary.
  • 3. We will make continuous improvements and strive to protect the environment so as to comply with legal regulations, customer requirements, and other requirements.
  • 4. We will cooperate with our suppliers and strive to provide more environmentally friendly products.
  • 5. We will give consideration to reducing the environmental load at each process of product purchasing, distribution, and disposal, and constantly strive to save energy and resources.
  • 6. We will contribute to society through environmental conservation activities from a wide range of perspectives, while enhancing the employees' consciousness of the environment and broadly paying attentions to society.
  • 7. In case any environmental problem arisen in our business activities, we will promptly take appropriate measures to minimize the environmental load.


ECOSTAGE Level Ⅱ certified
Our company were certified to ECOSTAGE Level Ⅱ in February 2007.

  • ECOSTAGE Level Ⅱ certified
    Our company were certified to ECOSTAGE Level Ⅱ in February 2007.

  • Seiko Epson Corporation - Acquisition of Environmental Certification In July 2006, we acquired environmental certification from Seiko Epson Corporation.

    Canon Inc.-Certification as a Trading Company
    In December 2007, we obtained a trading company certification from Canon Inc.

SDGs related activities

1.What is the SDGs?SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) consists of 17 goals and 169 targets, which was adopted by the UN Sustainable Development Summit, to solve the worldwide issues and realize a sustainable world.

The SDGs were adopted in 2015 and targeted to accomplish by 2030. It was formulated based on discussions by the governments of developing and developed countries, as well as multi-stakeholders including companies.
Achievement of SDGs is expected to create market opportunities of US $ 12 trillion a year by 2030, in the fields of food/agriculture, urban development, energies/raw materials, and health/welfare, and it is paid close attentions by the businesses aiming for medium- to long-term growth and also investors.

2.Ideal situation in 2030 Minimize adverse effects on human health and the environment by considering and managing chemical substances and waste throughout the product lifecycle.

3.Characteristic activity Improve resource and time efficiency by selling the products free of environmentally hazardous substances, reducing industrial waste, and implementing cloud-based groupware.

4. Efforts toward goals

  • Responsibility for producing / using
    We aim to increase the sales ratio of the products free of environmentally hazardous substances (air sterilizers, UV-C related products) up to 30%, and contribute to the creation of a comfortable environment to live in.

  • Health and welfare for all